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Is it Time for a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is an easy maintenance item that has long term benefits for any vehicle. For cost-effective, ASE Certified tire rotations, look no further than TAS of Denton. When properly maintained, tire rotations can improve fuel economy, extend tire life, provide drivers better handling, & sustain tire tread by ensuring all tires are used evenly without excessive wear to one section or another.
Normal tread wear is unavoidable due to uneven vehicle weight dispersal, vehicle performance, etc. Without tire rotations, tires continue to wear on the same areas over and over, causing irreversible damage to tire tread which drastically decreases tire life. Engine weight accounts for a major portion of vehicle weight, causing front tires to wear significantly faster than back tires. Front tires also take all responsibilities for steering, turning and receiving first impact with any ...
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